ICODR Training

ICODR promotes a variety of ODR training programs that abide by ICODR standards.  

ICODR’s standards for ODR Trainings are available in this document:


Some ODR Trainings in compliance with these standards include:

(To apply to add your training to this list, please contact admin@icodr.org)


During an ICODR Standards compliant training, you will cover the following topics:


Online Dispute Resolution: Defnition and Basic Techniques (4 hours)
ODR overview, defnition, history, and context
Types of ODR
• Negotiation
• Mediation
• Evaluation / Arbitration (both binding and non-binding)
• Algorithmic resolutions (the Fourth Party)
ODR communication types
• Synchronous (e.g. video, audio, text chat, simultaneous collaboration)
• Asynchronous (e.g. discussion forums, email)
Adapting ofine ADR techniques to the online environment
Key ODR Practitioner skills (e.g. technology management, summarizing, balancing power differentials

Best Practices (6 hours)
Preparing for and conducting an online mediation
Preparing for and conducting an online arbitration
Dispute System Design, integration, and platform selection
Ensuring ongoing quality in ODR (feedback, credentialing, and regulation)
Privacy, security, data protection, and legal issues in ODR

Ethics (4 hours)
ODR Ethics (ICODR Standards and NCTDR ODR Ethical Principles)
Diversity and cross-cultural communication online
Digital accessibility and disability accommodations
Party psychology and common online behaviors

Practice (6 hours)
ODR Platform try outs, walk throughs, and testing
Video dispute simulation
Audio dispute simulation
Text-based dispute simulation (chat or asynchronous)
Managing party expectations and encouraging participation


For more information, contact admin@icodr.org