ICODR Training

ICODR promotes a variety of ODR training programs that abide by ICODR standards.  

One such ODR training is provided by the Virtual Mediation Lab.  This training is specifically for face-to-face ADR practitioners who are looking to transition to online dispute resolution, with a focus on videoconferencing.  More information on the VML lab training is available here.

Another execellent training program is provided through odrtraining.com.   The odrtraining.com curriculum equips ADR professionals to market their services to industries and organisations handling large volumes of disputes in way that enables them to provide ADR services in a far more efficient, economic and profitable way than through traditional norms of ADR.The odrtraining.com course is delivered partly online and partly in person.

During the ODR Mediation course, you will cover the following topics:


* ODR related legislation
* ODR in the court system
* Demonstrations of available ODR services
* The pros and cons of offering ADR online
* Developing trust online
* Appropriate procedures and techniques for communication
* Avoiding the pitfalls when communicating online
* Time management in asynchronous online conversations
* Adapting discourse for the online environment
* Promoting your ODR skills
* Marketing opportunities specific to your practice
* Making online mediation cost effective and profitable
* Exploiting the opportunities for online mediation within lawyer free courts and tribunals

The elements of the course include:


1. Reading material covering the above topics.
2. Access to a series of 7 video/slide presentations intotal covering each of the above topics to view in your own time with no date limit.
3. Quizzes and assessment.
4. A minimum of four live, one hour,  webinars with experts and leaders in the field.
5. A 1 hour session of personal 1:1 training (or, at an additional quoted fee,  group training for a firm) with the emphasis on assistance with marketing in selected categories of disputes. One will be at the outset (to enable marketing advice to be personalised) and one at the end of the core program. These sessions will be by web conferencing although in-person meetings can be arranged for an additional fee.
6. At least 2 live roleplays, one using web conferencing and one using asynchronous discussion.
7. Membership of our panel of ODR Professionals with access to the Association’s private LinkedIn group where, as well as being updated on ODR developments, members will be able to network with fellow ODR professionals and develop ideas, projects etc.This is a small group focused on practical aspects  to help exploit the opportunities ODR  opens up for practitioners.
8. A continually growing online library resource of references to books and papers on the subject with full access to certain of them.


For more information, visit odrtraining.com